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            HSE systemni


            1、Any decisions must prioritize healthy and safe environment;
            2、Security is a necessary condition for employment;
            3、Companies must be healthy and safe environment for staff training;
            4、The business managers at all levels within the HSE responsible for the work;
            5、Managers at all leveis must personally attend HSE audit;
            6、Employees must participate in job hazard identification and risk control;
            7、Accidents must be timely rectification;
            8、All events must promptly report the accident,analysis and processing;
            9、Contractor management implementation of a unified health and safety environmental standards.
            Health,Safety And Environment HSE is all our production,an integral part of business activities,and ahead of all before the event,We have obtained ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001 certification.
            Quality Assurance Southe of the instrument has been international quality certification body recognized quality management system. AS the instrument manufacturer,we got TS,MC,AAA,and passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.
            Commitment South of the instrument is higher than the standard product standards (Chemical Division)HG/T21584-95,(Country)GB25477-2010 standard. Can be customized to a higher standard.Every product from raw material supply parts, production ,testing,and comprehensive control process can be traced.